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Exploring a new market? Creating a brand? Launching a product? Navigating a crisis? Developing a strategic plan? Communicating key messages? Forging strategic relationships? Building brand awareness? You need… a good plan.


Internationally renowned cultural institutions, dynamic retail brands, creative enterprises and corporate powerhouses rely on a good plan group. to ideate and implement thoughtful and effective strategy, build brands, open new markets, mentor teams and spark the right conversations at the perfect time.

Global from the outset our unique view on the world is fuelled by curiosity, study, relationships and experience. a good plan group. possess  a unique aptitude in absorbing situational context and distilling purpose and transforming these observations into strong strategic goals with tangible insights and outcomes.

Sparking, connecting and creating conversation, cultural exchange and commercial growth through dynamic strategies punctuated with impactful ideas and a fresh approach. Experienced in leading the marketing, public relations and communications strategies for brands and cultural institutions including The Woolmark Company, Ermenegildo Zegna, Sneakerboy, Neiman Marcus, Miami City Ballet, The Hellenic Museum and The Australian Ballet a good plan group. is led by experienced strategist and communication leader Kate Lillian Muir.

a good plan group. are audacious, considered and effective in our approach. We navigate the complexities of modern business, grasp the facets of brand development, formulate considered strategy and develop relationships that cut through noisy markets to focus on effectively realising and elevating impactful outcomes.

Need a good plan?


a good plan group. think, innovate, plan, create and connect to develop strategies that drive brand awareness and realise business goals.


We use our global reach and agile approach fuel our fresh approach to building brands, strategising solutions, opening new opportunities and creating positive outcomes. We truly understand the power of thoughtful, strategic planning, well crafted communications delivered through the right channels at the right time and honing the building blocks of developing brand DNA.


Our well researched, strategic and nimble style works with businesses and teams to uncover and nurture untapped potential to make the most of what you’ve got whilst bringing the expertise, support, strategic planning and relations that bring value and results.


An appetite for knowledge and insights is unquenched as we strive to understand, distill and advise to formulate a good plan for our clients and partners.


a good plan group. offer the following pillars of services and expertise:


  • Brand development and management
  • Communications and marketing strategy
  • Leadership and team mentoring
  • New market exploration and brand positioning
  • Reputation and crisis management

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